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Proven Quatro patent

Posted by HPI | Posted in New development and design | Posted on 19-02-2010

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Due to the design and constant failure of the 1, 2, 3 Ton cannon box wheel on a very regular basis, High power innovations investigated the causes of the failure and found the following:

cannonboxA)  The bearings were seized due to two factors:

  • Sealing arrangement(non existent)
  • Pipe that keeps the bearing inline bends, thus all alignment goes astray.

bearingsB) The axle with a 48mm wheel bore diameter and 50 diameter axles the load impact factor is to low.

C) The clamping arrangement causes misalignment.



quattro1. The pipe was taken away and double bearings were fitted with seals  in a decent housing with a new design.



2.The axle diameter increased from 50mm to 75mm, this now will increase the load/impact resistant.

axle3. The misalignment of the cannon box consisting of a clamp. Rubber was now a fixture on the axle box with no movement at all keeps the wheel in place

4. With all these added benefits HPI has made wheel maintenance free with sealed bearing boxes and no grease is required.

5. This unit fits to existing cars with no alterations, free height, mounting centers etc.

6. The store stock will drop in components instead of having rubbers, clamps and cannon box wheels. The quarto has one complete unit.


With load capacity on 2 bearings per 2 wheels  as per the Cannonbox wheels est. work life ± 3 months.

Quatro with 4 bearings to 5 TON per 2 wheels.
This improves safety, durability and cost saving, est. work life ± 18 -24 months.

The Quatro is a patented product of High Power innovations
Patent no : 2002 / 0961


Since the introduction of the Quatro wheels  we have seen this product out perform any other product on the market.  In the years that have gone past we have had Quatro’s being used for more than 6 years without it failing and only the wheel casting that were worn and needed replacement. All axle boxes still turning & moving freely.


Quatro made on the 16-01-2003 only came back for repair in August 2009

In January 2010 we had 19 Quatro’s come in for repair on job number , HPI- 5578. All these quarto were from the  2005 December – 2006 March . All boxes were still turning , only the wheel were worn. We replaced  the bearing , seals & wheel castings and they were ready to be returned for  another few years to come.

19 Quatro’s HPI-5578

19 Quatro’s HPI-5578

For References , please contact  :

Mr. W. Breytenbach                                        MR. B BARNARD
Beatrix / Oryx MINE                                       KLOOF MAIN SHAFT
082 371 9635                                                     084 602 5022

ISO 9001 : 2008 Implementation & Certification

Posted by HPI | Posted in Latest news | Posted on 10-02-2010

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In July 2009 we received a letter from Goldfields shared services to be ISO 9001 : 2008 certified. Since then we have started to implement the requirement on our current Quality management system to meet the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard requirements. Charl Venter has since received his certificate for implementing the Quality management system through TIQMS and thus is completing his course for internal auditor in February 2010. As planning goes along we are excited to do our own internal audit to find faults & improve on the current quality management system and be certified to ISO 9001 : 2008 in June / July 2010! Doing customer surveys on how to improve on our current service delivery & customer satisfaction!

ISO 9001 : 2008 Implementation & Accreditation

HPI Engineering is BEE!

Posted by HPI | Posted in Latest news | Posted on 08-02-2010

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HPI Engineering is BEE. See our BEE Certificate below.