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Company history

HPI Workshop front

HPI workshop

The Company H.P.I Engineering was established on the 1st of October 2000.


To supply the mining industry with a product at the most cost effective price on rolling stock (wheels& Axles),Buffers, Skip Guide Rollers & Rubber products new and refurbished.


The management of H.P.I are committed to quality and therefore to the implementation and maintenance of a Quality system in accordance with the requirements to achieve SABS ISO 9001:2008 or equivalent, in due course. In Fulfillment of this policy, this company will ensure that goods and service are supplied to meet our intended purpose, started performance criteria and in with the requirements of the customer.

HPI Workshop entrance

HPI Workshop entrance


High power innovation quality policy is thus directed towards achieving the following objectives to manufacture new and do reconditioning on hopper wheels / rolling stock, buffer, rubber product relating to the product we manufacture and skip guide rollers.

– To minimize the risk of failure or faulty performance of any product or component under specified services conditions for a predetermined period of operation.

– To contribute to the profit objective of the company by optimizing the direct costs of quality assurance against the cost of potential losses, defects and wastage, and the implicit value of perceived goods and credibility.

– To improve managerial and technical skills and to instill the need for self-discipline and attention to detail in all personnel in conducting the activities in the company.

– To increase quality assurance consciousness and application in all company personnel.Top management at High Power Innovations CC is customer focused,

– To determine all requirements with our goal set to greater customer satisfaction trough effective planning, continual improvement of our quality system. Using accurate data analysis to improve supplier management and product quality.

– High Power innovations are committed to meet & surpass the ISO 9001 standard requirements, while constantly improving our products so that customer expectation & satisfaction is met and also maintaining legal requirements of the product produced! This can only be done through the effective application of the system in all processes!

HPI Workshop back

HPI Workshop back


Is that the customer will be offered competitive prices, prompt deliveries and value added service from our staff and suppliers to develop customer loyalty and a greater market share.


To employ people who will achieve superior performance standards in a long career with dedication through motivation and training development.


The expertise within the company is based on being in this market for 30 years and was involved in the most design criterias of wheels and buffers now in use in all mines. H.P.I will thus with knowledge of procedures on quality requirements within the mining operation and groups.

HPI Workshop machine

HPI Workshop machine


Lathe 2 Meter : 6
Lathe 1 Meter : 1
RadialDrill 1.5 Meter : 1
Pedastal Drill small : 1
Welder CO2 : 2
Welding Machines : 1
Rotating washing machine : 1
Hydraulic press 250 Tons : 1
Hydraulic press 140 Tons : 1
Hydraulic press 25 Tons : 1
Toyota 2.5Ton Fork Lift : 1
HPI Truck

HPI Truck


Isuzu 500 NQR Turbo 5Ton truck : 1

Isuzu 800 FTR Turbo 8Ton truck : 1

Hyundia Bakkie 2.7D 1.3 Tons : 1