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Project Rolvec

Posted by HPI | Posted in New development and design | Posted on 19-02-2010


Old CMH & failures

This CMH Box was scraped due to bearing failure with resulted in the shaft ripping up the box end, center  plates & the shaft it self rendering it useless.

A closer look at the damage of the bearing failure.

This is a re-conditioned CMH Wheel assembly with no standard sealing arrangement except for the bearing seal itself be it 6314 2RS.

No standard sealing arrangement as can be seen on this photograph. Leaving a clear space between the wheel and box end.

HPI Quatro Rolvec – The CMH Solution


Here is the new Quatro Rolvec box being assembled with tapered roller bearings.

The Bearing assembly has now been fitted with a specially designed bearing spacer to give the bearing maximum life & durability.

Now the the spacer has been fitted into place with the second tapered bearing , leaving only space for the last uni seal.


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